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Aerating your lawn is important to the health of your lawn. Aerating creates an opportunity for your lawn to breathe and grow. This service also provides an opportunity for new nutrients to enter your lawn’s root system.


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How Often Should My Lawn Be Aerated?

You should aerate your lawn at least once a year. It is important to provide your grass with room to grow. It gains this room when we pull out the lawn aeration cores that we are all so familiar with. Areas of the lawn that have a lot of foot traffic especially need this service’s attention.

Why Core Aeration?

All plants in our area love a great quality, loose soil to grow in. That’s why farmers till their fields and potting mixes are made light and airy. Our lawns also love a great quality loose soil because it allows air, water, and nutrients to reach deep into the soil, and so that the roots can easily grow. Given the clay content of our soil here in KC, aeration is an important lawn maintenance procedure that should be done annually for best results. Our Full Service Overseeding option includes aeration, as well as verticutting, applying plenty of seed, hand tooling where the machines cannot reach, and starter fertilizer.

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