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Professional Lawn Aeration

If you have ever visited a golf course or a large business property, you have likely seen the lush benefits of lawn aeration. Lawns that need to constantly appear full and green turn to aeration to achieve that professional level of turf thickness and color. Services like fertilization and weekly mowing are necessary and will help create a healthier lawn, but it is not uncommon to provide these services to your lawn only to see little to no results. If you are ready for a fuller and healthier lawn today, then you are ready for the best lawn aeration service in Kansas!

Lawn Aeration

What Is Core Aeration?

At Heartland Turf & Landscape, we offer lawn aeration services throughout the Kansas City area, and we utilize core aeration as our preferred method. Core aeration is a popular, highly effective method of lawn aeration. The process involves passing over your entire lawn with our aeration machinery, which works by removing small plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn. As these plugs are removed, tiny holes are left all over your lawn, and these holes will allow your soil to decompress and provide numerous benefits as a result!

Benefits Of Our Lawn Aeration Services

Decompressed Soil

Dry Compressed Soil

Lawns in KC are infamous for high amounts of clay in the soil, which leads to hard and dried out soil conditions. When soil is too hard, grass will not be able to grow. Core aeration breaks apart hard and compacted soil so that your lawn can become softer and grass can flourish.

Improved Drainage

Large Puddle Formed On A Lawn

Standing water and puddles are common symptoms of compacted soil. Hardened soil and excessive thatch buildup can create a barrier that is too thick for water to drain. Our lawn aeration services will allow water to drain and be absorbed into the soil where it is needed.

Improved Airflow

Air flowing through a well aerated lawn

The holes created by the core aeration process enable air to be exchanged freely between the soil and its surroundings. Allowing your lawn’s soil to breathe in this way will aid in seed germination and root development, which both promote healthier turf growth. 

Better Nutrition

liquid aeration illustration

Fertilizing your lawn is important, but your soil has to be able to absorb the nutrients in order to see any results. By creating softer and permeable soil, lawn aeration will improve your lawn’s ability to receive and distribute nutrition from our fertilizers and the natural nutrients in the soil. 

Weed Control

Weed control for dandelions

Turfgrass and the roots of your lawn will develop quickly after aeration helps them access nutrients and water. As your lawn becomes stronger and roots become more robust, weeds will struggle more and more to find nutrients, and they may eventually die as a result of lawn aeration.

Pest Control

Pest Control SPray

Lawn pests thrive in conditions caused by compacted soil, which is just one more reason why lawn aeration in Kansas is so important! Standing water and struggling grass attract bugs and insects to your lawn. Lawn aeration will drain water from your lawn and improve grass growth.

When And How To Perform Lawn Aeration

All lawns could benefit from two aerations per year—one in spring and one in fall. However, many homeowners elect to aerate only once per year, and that single service is typically provided in fall, before lawns begin to enter winter dormancy. Below are a few general guidelines on when, if, and how you should aerate your lawn.


  • Aerate cool-season grasses between late September and October.
  • Aerate warm-season grasses between May and July. 
  • If bare patches are prevalent throughout the lawn.
  • If soil is hard to the touch.
  • If puddles form consistently on your lawn.
  • Leave plugs atop the lawn to decompose and add nutrients. 
  • Make two passes to ensure full coverage and even growth. 
  • Lastly, make sure to ask us about our full service overseeding option, which includes aeration, verticutting, seeding, and a starter fertilizer.

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