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Professional Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Services in Leawood

Having a healthy and weed-free lawn is the goal of anyone who has been blessed with a green thumb. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple goal can sometimes be difficult to achieve. If you have been struggling to keep your lawn looking strong and lush, you should call Heartland Turf & Landscaping, and let us take care of all your fertilization and weed control needs. The Leawood area has used our services since 2002, and your neighbors can not stop talking about us. See below to find out why!

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Sharon Durham
Sharon Durham
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One of the best decisions I made in 2017! Heartland has the best customer service of any company I've dealt with in a long time. Heather responded to my request for info almost immediately and provided me with all the information I needed. My yard looked great all summer and I didn't even have to break a sweat! Heartland delivered exactly as promised (I even got a Christmas card and box of chocolates!)
Blair Stringfellow
Blair Stringfellow
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This is the first year I have used Heartland. From the spring weed control through the summer mowing and the fall leaf cleanup, they always gave excellent service. And, as others have commented, the customer service is amazing - very prompt and friendly. They also kept everyone informed about scheduling problems when the weather turned cold and rainy in the fall. I will definitely use them again next season.
Brent Bloomer
Brent Bloomer
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We just started using Heartland Turf and Landscape this past spring for all of our lawn care needs, including mowing, edging, fertilization, weed control, and lawn aeration (I'm sure they offer other additional services that we just haven't needed yet). The service is excellent, dependable, and very fairly priced.

Lawn Fertilization Program

Our technicians have all been in the lawn care business for over ten years, and we are excited to bring the benefits of their knowledge and expertise right to your front door. Before we begin, we will analyze your yard and tailor our treatment program to the specific needs of your lawn. We guarantee all services of our standard fertilization program. If any problems arise or any treatments do not seem to be effective, we will return for a FREE follow-up service to get your lawn fertilization program back on track!

Fertilizers provide your lawn with nutrients needed for health and growth, such as nitrogen and potassium. Generally, the treatment program we offer is a comprehensive program to keep your lawn healthy and protected from weeds all year long. We begin in the spring with a high quality, long-lasting fertilizer that will sustain your lawn throughout the season. In late spring, we apply a balanced fertilizer to prepare for the summer months, and we will return again when the weather starts warming up to apply a slow-release fertilizer that will best defend your turf against the damaging heat. Our last application of fertilizer will come in the fall months, from October to November, at which point we will apply a winterizing fertilizer that helps your lawn stay as green as possible in the fall and promotes a healthier re-emerging lawn in the following spring; this final fertilizer application is the most important of the year and can not be forgotten!

Weed Control

Equally as important as fertilizing, proper weed control protects your lawn and plants and keeps your yard looking great. We apply different weed control mixtures at strategic times throughout the fertilization program. A broadleaf weed control targeting dandelions, clovers, etc. will be applied in the spring, and it will be reapplied later in the season when we return to apply more fertilizer. 


When we make our pre-summer visit to apply the slow-release fertilizer, we will implement a spot treatment to take care of any visible broadleaf or grassy weeds. Our final planned weed control treatment will come in early fall. If all steps are taken and we work together, we can ensure that you have the healthiest, weed-free lawn when spring arrives the following year.

Additional Services We Offer

Don’t forget about pest and grub control! During our lawn fertilization and weed control treatment in the late spring, we also apply grub and subsurface insect control to prevent any damage to your lawn while we apply your fertilizer. We offer a variety of pest control options, as needed. Also, if necessary, we can provide treatment for the following issues when we make our visits:

Nutsedge Control: This weed, also known as nutgrass and watergrass, has become a major problem for lawns in Leawood and neighboring communities, and we want to help you handle it.

Preventative Fungicide: This lawn treatment prevents damage caused by the most common turf diseases seen in Leawood.

Curative Fungicide: If a disease develops, this treatment will be used to stop any further damage to your lawn.

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Our fertilizer and weed control program is designed to protect your yard throughout the year. We are equipped and ready to provide your lawn with the most effective and complete protection available. Call us at (913) 238-9278 for your free quote!

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