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Protecting plants from frost

Hey everybody, this is Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape here with another lawn and landscaping tip. So we’ve got some freezing temperatures coming up in the next several days. And I’ve got some things that have already come up, that won’t appreciate the frost and they’re gonna get damaged by frost and we’ve got some snow possibly even these guys will tolerate frost or snow of any kind, and you’ll lose everything that’s grown so far this spring. The easy way to prevent damage is to make sure you cover them up I’ve taken some inexpensive little marketing flags to help keep the plastic lifted up off of them because if the plastic touches the plant the coals in a transfer straight through and it’s not really going to protect it. So this plastic sheeting is just dropped off that you can get any paint department in your hardware store just kind of secured around the corners, this is going to do two things, it’s going to help keep condensation from settling on the plants overnight, which then freezes when we hit the fruit freezing temperatures. And it’s also going to help trap some warmth from the ground inside kind of like a greenhouse because the ground is still 55 Upper 50s, low 60s. And that warm air from the ground soil will help keep those plants from freezing and getting damaged from the frost. If you’ve got smaller sheets that are just starting to come up there an inch or two above the surface and you have mulch beds instead of rock you can actually just mound some of your mulch up around those little tender shoots. And that’ll be adequate for protecting them from frost damage as well. But if you’ve got larger things and you need to cover them up, you can also use cloth which this cloth is fine. But plastic is just cheap, easy way to go. So that’s it. That’s my tip for the day. Thanks


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