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There is never a bad time to prevent the weeds from coming

Maybe one Brett Jackson with heartland turf here. Hey, we’re having our first kind of abnormally cold, snowy day of the year of in 2020. It’s like late October and we’re getting the snowfall. But we do have some days coming up soon in the mid 60s. So we’re gonna have, we’re gonna see some more grass growth. We’re also gonna have Danny line, kind of germinating and growing still. And it’s good to get a handle on some of those weeds even right now, because dandelions and other weeds are perennials, and you can come back the following year and produce even more weeds then. So, spring, spring broadleaf preemergent. Even this time of year is still good to do if you haven’t done so this fall. And if you’d like help with that, you can give us a call to thanks so much.

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