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What Nutsedge looks like

Hi, this is Sam Jackson with Heartland Turf and Landscape. And we’ve got a little test patch here that we use that our property for doing examples of various services. But I’m gonna turn the camera around. I’ve noticed that it’s got quite a bit of nutsedge coming up in it and you can recognize the nutsedge is the lighter colored grass that grows way faster than this is a fescue, fine fescue grass that we planted here. So all these really light yellow, really tall patches of grass. That is all nutsedge, it’s not treated with your standard broadleaf weed spray that’s going to be in most common fertilizer weed control programs. It takes a very specific chemical to control the nutsedge. The good news is we have a program it’s a two application program, and it is super successful at getting this stuff knocked out. So if you’re seeing this nutsedge pop up on your lawn, and you haven’t already contacted us to get set up for the nutsedge control program. do that now and we can help knock it out. So your lawn looks great all summer. Thanks


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