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When to plant Summer Annuals

Hey, it’s Brett with Heartland Turf. Just want to make a really quick video about proper timing for planting your summer annuals. We see it every year we see everybody plant. Well not everybody we see a lot of people plant annuals way too soon, we get a few nice sunny days and warm days and April. And then lo and behold, a freeze comes by and knocks him out. So best time to plant is usually going to be mid to late April or even eat early May. But what you want to do is check the forecast, make sure there’s no really low temperatures that are going to happen within the next couple of weeks. And you’re usually going to be pretty good if you wait till those timeframes and then check the forecast. Believe The Weather Channel app has a really good app or has a really good source for checking forecasts that are a couple of weeks out. So download that if you don’t have it, checked for forecasts, make sure you wait until you get good weather to play.


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