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Yard Maintenance Services In Kansas City

When it comes to yard maintenance in Kansas City, there is a lot more to take care of than simply making sure everything looks pretty. At Heartland Turf & Landscape, we have years of experience, and we know what your yard and gardens need in order to thrive. Standing water, mold, lawn disease, pests, and so many more dangerous situations can develop if your lawn is not kept clear and your gardens are not maintained. Our yard and garden maintenance services are designed to keep every green thing on your property growing to its full potential! 

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Kevin Simms
Kevin Simms
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As an owner of a business, I look for vendors that have that same level of exceptional customer service that is expected by my clients. I am here to say Heartland Turf and Landscape has that hands down. The Heartland team is professional, very knowledgeable, and as stated above, their customer service is off the charts. While we understand there are many, many lawn companies to select from, anyone would be doing themselves a huge disservice by not having Heartland on the very top of that list.
Adam Dinkel
Adam Dinkel
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Ruben and a couple more guys came out to our house to lay down 5 yards of mulch. They went above and beyond to make everything look as good as it can. We had some light cleanup that they took care of first and pretty much made our yard look a million times better. I will refer to these people regularly!
Melanie J
Melanie J
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Heartland Turf has been taking care of my lawn for ten years. My yard is the one the neighbors always compliment for how green and thick the grass looks. I would recommend them to anyone!

Yard Maintenance For Kansas City

The finer details of maintaining a healthy and attractive yard are the tasks that actually make all the difference. It is the small, incremental improvements we make to yards and gardens in Kansas that do the most to preserve the health of everything that grows on your property. From giving your lawn its first cut of the year to removing leaves from your property before winter, Heartland aims to provide the best yard maintenance service in Kansas City!  


Our services can be provided as needed, but our yard and garden maintenance services are frequently requested twice a year for spring cleanup and fall cleanup. Twigs and leaves on your lawn or in your gardens could result in mold if they are not cleaned up before winter arrives. Likewise, cleaning up any debris in your yard during spring is a great way to avoid having damaged turf and/or plants while you try to establish your yard early in the growing season. Aside from our cleanup services, the yard and garden maintenance we offer covers a variety of tasks that will get your property in tip-top shape. Check out a few of our most popular yard maintenance services below and the benefits your yard will receive from each.

Leaf Cleanup

Leaf Cleanup Heart

We will remove fallen leaves and tree debris from your lawn and gardens. Mold forms quickly if wet leaves are left on top of your lawn, and diseased leaves often fall and infect other plants that they touch. Our technicians will make sure your property is cleared of such obstructions so your plants can grow freely and be healthy. 


shrub pruning by hand

As plants and flowers grow, pruning helps ensure that only healthy growth takes place. Removing dead and wilting leaves from your plants encourages stronger regeneration. Eventually, with proper and consistent pruning, your plants will boast nothing but the strongest flowers and best greenery on the block!


electric shrub pruning

Are your hedges growing a bit too wildly and need to be maintained? Do you have an ornamental tree that is starting to hang too low? We offer precise trimming services for Kansas City that are sure to keep those plants in order! The landscapes we create will give your yard a crisp, professional look that will make you glad you chose Heartland.

Initial Mowing & Edging

RIding Lawn Mower

No yard can reach its full potential without a fresh looking lawn, which is why we start your spring maintenance services with lawn mowing and edging. Mowing early in the season helps make sure that no twigs were missed, and edging along walkways and hardscapes gives your lawn definition that will surely turn a few heads!

Garden Maintenance & Additional Services

Maintaining flower beds and gardens is hugely beneficial to preserving the health of your entire yard. Pests and diseases are often attracted to the plants that grow in gardens, which is why making sure garden beds stay healthy is so important. By focusing on the following areas for your garden maintenance needs, we can help deter pests and fungi, and your plants and flowers will be free to bloom and impress this year.

yard maintenance leaves and weeds in a barrel
  • Weed Prevention – Pulling weeds from garden beds is a necessity if you want to see flowers grow. Weeds will absorb the nutrients that your plants need if they are left unchecked, and your plants will die as a result. Ask about our fertilization and weed control services for even more protection from weeds!


  • Mulch Installation – Mulch also helps deter weeds, and it provides many more benefits to your garden beds. Mulch will retain and slowly release moisture, control temperature, prevent weeds and pests from invading, protect the soil, and so much more. 


  • Pest Control – We aim to prevent pests from invading your garden by preventing the conditions in which they thrive. Keeping your garden beds free of clutter helps reduce thatch buildup and compaction, which often lead to pest problems. If needed, we also have a variety of pest control options that will efficiently eradicate the intruders.
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