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Expert Pest Control in Leawood

Professional Pest Control in Leawood

As warmer temperatures approach and your yard begins to spring back to life, unfortunately, pests and insects also start to reappear. It is almost a certainty that as soon as the weather is nice enough to leave doors and windows open, unwanted pests will take it as an invitation inside your home. To make matters worse, they often find other ways inside your home that leave you scratching your head as to how and where. If this sounds all too familiar to you, it is time to call Heartland Turf & Landscape. We have been defending homes in the Leawood area against unwanted pests for years, and we are ready to help you fight back!

Benefits of Pest Control Service

Benefits Of Pest Control In Leawood, Kansas


Enjoy Hassle-Free Garden Maintenance with Our Convenient Weekly Service.


Pest Control

Maintain a Pest-Free Garden with Our Regular Garden Maintenance Service.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Elevate Your Property’s Aesthetics with Our Expert Garden Maintenance Service.


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Client Testimonials

What Your Neighbors Are Saying

I started using Heartland within the last year and am impressed by how reliable and great they are to work with. If it rains on your mowing day, they make sure you are taken care of the next morning! Great customer service, on a personal level while still fully professional. Their prices are low compared to competitors and still do just as good of a job! I'd highly recommend their services!

Grant Holtfrerich

This company and its employees are the best! They provide excellent customer service. The attention they give to my lawn is above and beyond. I look forward to every Tuesday as my lawn looks remarkable. I have used them for other services and I have been equally pleased!

Kelly Henning

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I’ve used Heartland now for 4 years and they’re great! Their work is the best! If I ever have any issue with a treatment not working for my grass the owner himself would come out and re-apply the treatment. My lawn never looked better! Not to mention they have extremely good rates with their treatment plan. I highly recommend them to anyone!!!

Zac Levin
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    You must be absolutely delighted with our services! If for ANY REASON you feel you’re not absolutely 100% happy with our work, I won’t be happy either! That means I will not rest until we make it right. I will immediately send my team to fix the problem, no questions asked. If it’s still not good enough, we’ll refund your money. That’s how strongly I believe you’ll love what we do. Let us prove it to you!

    – Sam & Brett Jackson

    Pest Control

    At Heartland Turf & Landscape, we take pest control very seriously. In addition to making sure your yard and outdoor living spaces are protected, we will create a secured perimeter around the foundation of your home to ensure that these unwanted guests do not make it inside. Our technicians are trained specialists who are well versed in the types of pests specific to the Leawood area and surrounding communities. We know what it takes to defend your home and yard, and we are always equipped and ready for whatever problems we may encounter.

    We never take any half-measures when it comes to protecting your home, so we offer a recurring pest control service to ensure the best and most long-lasting results possible. Our initial visit is planned and designed to quickly eliminate pests from your outdoor spaces. Our recurring visits help prevent the intruders from returning, and we can recheck and reapply the protective barrier around your home to keep your outdoor and indoor living spaces as bug-free as possible.

    Types of Pests and Problems

    It is important to understand that not all pest control issues are the same. We offer different plans that are tailor made to your specific needs. Different methods and equipment are used for different types of problems, and it is important to understand the different types of pests that may be invading your home. While you may feel that some pests can be ignored or that they are not worth the trouble of exterminating, all pests present unique issues facing your safety. It is important to stay informed on the types of problems that could arise from different pests. Below are just a few of the intruders you may encounter and the harm that each could potentially cause:

    • Ants – Similar to termites, ants can cause damage to wooden structures around and in your home. We have all seen how quickly an ant colony can form. Let us prevent the problem before it starts.
    • Wasps – Wasps can build nests in your gutters, under your porch or deck, and many other places. When they feel threatened, they will sting you and cause painful swelling and perhaps even allergic reactions. Do not try to remove a nest on your own. Call us! 
    • Spiders – There are many types of spiders, some more dangerous than others. Certain types of spiders can cause life-threatening injuries if they bite you. For example, the Brown Recluse spider, common to both Kansas and Missouri, has a venom that can cause nerve damage, paralysis, and even death. Do not try to identify and extract any potentially dangerous spiders. We will do it for you.
    • Fleas – Many people believe fea problems can only affect animals, but the truth is that fleas can bite and transmit diseases to humans. Protect yourself and your furry friends!
    • Ticks – If bitten by a tick, you could develop symptoms like fever, anemia, vomiting, any many other issues. The most feared and all too common danger of a tick bite is contracting Lyme disease, which has been known to cause arthritis, cognitive deterioration, facial palsy, and many more harmful effects. Ticks can be difficult to spot to the untrained eye, so let our experts find them for you.
    • Mosquitos – Aside from the common swelling and itchy bumps caused by a mosquito bite, mosquitos are the world’s top transmitter of bloodborne diseases. Especially in today’s world, protection against disease has never been more important!

    Watering and Aftercare

    After the overseeding is complete, it is important not to neglect the watering and aftercare. Because the aftercare is such a crucial part of the entire overseeding process, we will guide you through what needs to be done even long after we leave. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to properly take care of your newly seeded turf, and we will assist you by sending out reminders so you never have to worry about forgetting when to water.

    Watering Frequency: The first two weeks will see the highest volume of aftercare. You will want to water your grass about three times a day for up to ten minutes per session. The ultimate goal in the first two weeks is to make sure that the entire surface of the lawn remains slightly moist at all times. You should still feel a bit of moisture in the soil just before the next watering session. If you notice the turf is drying up between waterings, you may need to water more frequently.

    After the initial two weeks, watering and the amount of time you put into your lawn can be cut back significantly. By this time, the seeds should begin to sprout roots, and you should be well on your way to the lawn you’ve always wanted. It is important to still keep your lawn properly hydrated, but watering at this stage typically can be reduced to about once a week.

    Contact after the initial visit: To ensure the best results possible, we will send out a manager to inspect your lawn after the first two weeks to do a visual inspection. This will allow us to get a better assessment of how the treatment is working and if any additional steps need to be taken. Mowing services will be canceled for those first two weeks in order to help the seeds grow. When mowing is ready to resume, we will contact you for a reminder to stop watering two days prior to the mowing. We will take every measure possible to ensure success!


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