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Heartland Turf and Landscape uses a premium 100% chipped hardwood mulch for all of our projects unless another mulch is requested. For most people, there seems to be little difference between varieties besides color. However, this is far from the truth. Here is a brief explanation of the differences and why our premium mulch is the better option that the more commonly used shredded hardwood/softwood blend.

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A mixture of hard and softwoods. The softwood decomposes quickly and loses color quickly. Shredded pieces with torn edges range in size from sawdust to large chunks. The small pieces and splintered edges decompose quickly. The lighter softwood is easily blown by the wind or washed out. Simply not as good looking as chipped.


100% Hardwood means it will decompose slower and retain its color longer. It lasts longer! Chipped wood means it has more uniform sized pieces without the shredded edges. Hardwood pieces are heavier and are less prone to be blown out by the wind or washed away. More beautiful appearance and color from day one.

Heartland Turf and Landscape provides the best landscape mulch installation in the Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, and Johnson County areas.  We pay attention to the details and never cut corners. We also provide professional lawn mowing, lawn care, fertilizer and weed control, mosquito control, insect control, lawn seeding, aeration, and more.  Contact us for a fast and free estimate!


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