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Heartland Turf & Landscape is proud to be one of the most trusted lawn care companies in Kansas, and our weekly mowing service has gone a long way in helping us achieve that good reputation. With reliable weekly services, hassle-free pricing, and results that get better after each visit, our expert technicians are ready and waiting to give you the best weekly mowing in Overland Park!

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Mark Bland
Mark Bland
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Heartland has been taking care of our subdivision as well as my yard for over 5 years now and has always done an outstanding job. They run a very reliable, reasonably priced and professional business that always strives to ensure their customers’ needs are met. Whether it is mowing or landscaping, I can always count on Heartland to do a terrific job!
Allison Phillips
Allison Phillips
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Heartland Turf has taken care of our lawn for the last two years. We recommended them to neighbors and began receiving a discount when a few of them signed up for service. The mowers are conscientious and do a thorough job. They always make sure to close the fences behind them, which is great so we don't have to worry about the dog getting out.
Jean Matzeder
Jean Matzeder
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Heartland has done a great job for us both with our mowing, annual work to prepare for each season and chemical applications that make our place beautiful. Thanks so much.

What You Get With Heartland’s Weekly Mowing Service

Though it may seem like one of the easiest and most basic lawn care tasks, routine and consistent lawn mowing is one of the most beneficial services you can provide to your turf. Aside from keeping your property looking great, proper lawn mowing can actually improve the health of your grass and everything else that grows in your yard. Such a vital lawn care service should only be performed by the best, which is why customers trust the experts at Heartland to deliver the top lawn mowing service in Overland Park!

Heartland Riding Lawn Mower

The benefits of a professional, dependable lawn mowing service are much more than simply getting your grass cut every week. When you sign up for weekly mowing services with Heartland Turf & Landscape, you are sure to get the most complete and thorough mowing job possible. Our technicians only use top-of-the-line equipment and industry-leading methods to give you a lawn that looks beautiful, feels lush, and gets healthier after every mowing! Below are just a few of the benefits you can expect from Heartland’s weekly mowing service. 

Curb Appeal

Creating a good-looking yard is the most obvious benefit of any lawn mowing service, and we will do just that! Our techs are skilled at giving your lawn the straight lines and clean edges that our customers have come to expect. We will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood!

Stronger Turf

If mowed properly, your turf can get stronger after every cut. Our professional techniques ensure that grass is always cut cleanly with sharpened blades, which results in stronger turf regeneration and elimination of weak grass blades. Week after week, we will improve the quality of your lawn.

Stronger Roots

Inexperienced lawn care providers often mow too low to the ground, which results in shallow roots that can not provide adequate nutrients to your turfgrass. By checking blade height and removing only the top ⅓ of your lawn, we can help create a strong root system in your lawn’s soil.  

Weed Prevention

An indirect benefit of proper weekly mowing is that it can result in natural weed control. Our mowing techniques will create deeper roots and stronger turf, which means harmful weeds will have a much harder time trying to compete for nutrients, and they will eventually die out.

Pest Prevention

While a thick lawn is ideal, neglected mowing routines can quickly lead to overgrown grass that will attract lawn pests. Keeping your lawn consistently trimmed all season long is an easy and chemical-free way to deter pests from invading. 

Natural Fertilization

Leaving behind healthy-sized grass clippings actually improves the quality of your lawn. Grass clippings contain many of the same nutrients that are in fertilizers, making them a great natural option for fertilization. 

Disease Prevention

One of the most common sources of lawn diseases is unclean mower blades. Before and after every mowing job we perform, mower blades are always wiped and completely cleaned to make sure that your lawn stays healthy and only improves with time!

Professional Touches

With every mowing session, we include edging along walkways, line trimming of hard to reach areas, and cleanup of any grass trimmings on hard surfaces. By the time our technicians are finished, your property will look immaculate from end to end!

Let Heartland Help Your Lawn

Weekly lawn mowing is truly one of the best ways to maintain your turf during the growing season, but there are other helpful steps to take if you want a lawn that is guaranteed to turn heads. Our core aeration service is perfect for lawns that are compacted and unable to receive enough nutrition, and our fertilization program will help make sure your lawn is getting those nutrients that help keep your turf green and vibrant. Whatever your lawn care needs in Overland Park may be, Heartland Turf & Landscape is here for you! 

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