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It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re getting ready for the winter months and need the leaves that have fallen to be removed from the yard or you are getting ready for the warmer months and just need the rest of the leaves picked up, sticks removed, and the initial cut of the season done on your property. You can count on Heartland Turf & Landscape.

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In addition to those services, we can also do the initial cut of the season for your lawn, taking the extra time to pay attention to the little details that make the difference between a good looking lawn and a great looking lawn. We pay close attention to edging along side driveways, sidewalks, porches, and patios. We will define your landscape borders by vertically trimming a gap between the grass and the landscaping.

If you have special requests for your spring or fall clean up just let us know, we will work with you any way we can.


With our spring and fall clean up services we allow you to customize what services you want to be done. The most common spring and fall clean up service we offer is our leaf removal service. The removal of leaves from your property not only gives it a neat appearance but also prevents pest infestations, mold from growing in the lawn, and in general, is healthier for your yard’s turf. Other commonly requested services include cleaning out flower beds, deadheading spent perennials and cutting back ornamental bushes and shrubs.


It’s an annual task most homeowners don’t relish: leaf clean-up. However, it’s not recommended to let a layer of dead leaves build up on your lawn, or you risk killing the grass, perhaps for good.

We can clean the leaves from your lawn, landscape, and other areas that they accumulate then dispose of them so you can enjoy a clean, healthy, beautiful lawn.

Our leaf removal services start with blowing all the leaves out of your landscaping and off porches, patios, and other hard surfaces. Then once the leaves are in the yard we use our lawn mowers to collect them for removal. We recommend the removal of the leaves for the best appearance after the job is complete and for the health of your lawn.

Whichever way you choose to have your leaves handled on your property, you can rest assured that Heartland Turf & Landscape will get your leaf removal project done in a timely manner and leave you with a beautiful yard that your neighbors will envy.

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